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Learn Why Aircraft Appraisal is Paramount

Owning an aircraft requires one to invest a lot of money. In case you are an aircraft owner, and you cannot remember when you last had your aircraft appraised, you should consider getting an appraisal. Having a third party opinion is paramount when you are looking for your aircraft’s insurance policy, when selling the aircraft, and when you are refinancing a loan.

Basically, appraising the aircraft entails having a third party professional inspect the aircraft to ascertain the right value of the craft Once the aircraft appraiser determines the aircraft value, the next step should be to put the report in writing so that it can be used as a point of reference. In the report, the professionals will explain why they gave the aircraft the cited value. The report by the appraiser is authentic proof of value to any lender, seller, or buyer. It is important for every aircraft owner to have an aircraft appraisal report. When evaluating the value of a plane, you need to have a report that is unbiased and independent.

Anyone can give you an opinion of what they think the aircraft could be worth. However, getting an official report from an appraiser who is certified is the most acceptable technique in the aircraft industry. There are different reasons why a lender or a buyer should obtain an aircraft appraisal. After buying a new jet, the buyers will require having an insurance policy, and this is not possible without an appraisal. You cannot shop for policies before you know the value of your plane. You should never assume that the jet has the same value as the one you bought it at. If you desire to buy a fleet of planes for the company, you want to know the value of the planes before you buy.

Loan lenders will depend on the value of the helicopter when deciding the amount of money you should get a loan. Some people wonder why they cannot Google the value of their planes. Although two planes may look identical, their value may be different. Also, the aircraft may have a different value from the one estimated online. It is only through the appraisal of an aircraft that you can ascertain how much your plane is worth.

The truth is that the right appraiser should be an expert who can give you unbiased report, but creating a good relationship between you and the appraiser is paramount. Make sure that the appraiser is aware of why you want the appraisal done.

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